..About Heron Associates  


Who We Are 

We are a group of professionals who have years of experience working with individuals and diverse groups of all ages. Our skills include:

  • creative and group development
  • individual and group coaching
  • organizational work
  • professional development training
  • experiential learning
  • appreciative inquiry
  • program design and facilitation
  • choral directing
  • public speaking

Why the Heron?

The Great Blue Herons inspire us with their quiet and graceful presence on the beaches of the Puget Sound. Cultures worldwide revere the Heron and ascribe qualities such as:

  • Strength, patience, and long life (Chinese)
  • Inquisitiveness, curiosity, and determination (Native American)
  • Receptivity, grace, transformation (Celtic)
  • Contemplation, divine wisdom, and inner quiet (Greek)
  • Creator of light (Egyptian)