..Testimonials - Peggy Taylor  


Training and Facilitation

"I left the 14-hour training on Saturday so motivated and inspired that I walked for hours around the city trying to digest everything we discussed in the group. It has been a long time since I have felt so intellectually stimulated and open to ideas ranging from different frameworks for working with youth, to different techniques of living with intention. I cannot wait to share these ideas with the other staff at the Y."

Head of Teen Programs, Seattle-area YMCA

"I deeply appreciated the hands-on experience in Peggy's presentation. These tools showed us in action about the power of creating community simply and elegantly in just a few minutes, with lots of energy and creativity. This was a very powerful and enjoyable session and I will be able to use these things right away. Wow!"

Participant, Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conferences 

"If you would have described what we were going to do I might not have attended, thinking it might be too light weight for me, but was I wrong! It showed us beyond a doubt creative ways to bring people together, to bond almost instantly, and overcome barriers of race, age and walk of life. In the end we were able to compose several stunning spontaneous collaborative poems and sing in harmony together. I would not have believed it!  I will definitely use this in my work."

Participant, Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conferences 

"Last fall I was hired to give a month-long maternity health training in Sialkot, Pakistan to University-educated nursing and midwife leaders gathered from around the country. It was an amazing experience on so many levels, but the facilitation skills I learned from you were incredibly useful. Both in terms of my own confidence and clarity as to how I wanted to approach the training and in the response I received from the participants. The education system there is very rote and dry, so for these Pakistani women, who are very vibrant and lively, your style was such a thrill. It was very exciting for me to bring that point of view to the training, and as a result the learning was just that much more effective. Thanks so, so much!"

Lauren Jaye, Nurse Midwife, LaConner, WA

"Peggy Taylor is a great trainer. Wow! I got a lot of tools to use in the future. I really enjoyed engaging the imagination for empowerment.

Americorps Youth worker

"Peggy was fabulous. Our performance art activity brought out the best in people, and brought out the best spontaneous group dynamics I have ever experienced. I will try my best to integrate the techniques from this magical workshop into my service."

Americorps Volunteer

"Thank you so much for coming to our Children’s Commission meeting last night. As I listened to your gentle and passionate conversation I reflected on how profound it is to make connections among people who have been separated from each other due to fear, tradition, or lack of opportunity. Your idea of working to connect north and south Whidbey kids and adults really resonated for me as a way to make a small step towards the kind of joy and synergy you describe when new relationships are built in the real world, doing real things, making art, and sharing it.

I gave one of our youth members a ride home and he was very interested in what you had said about the need for adults to be respectful and egalitarian with teenagers. He and his friends are hungry for that, as we adults all wish to be more connected to them."
Janice O'Mahony, Chair, Island Country Children’s Commission
Coupeville, WA

Life Coaching

"I recommend Peggy Taylor’s coaching to anyone. She combines solid, tried and true techniques which she explains with simplicity and clarity, with her own innate gifts for seeing  and drawing forth the highest potential of those she works with. In coaching sessions, she helps create strong focus, while maintaining a levity that allowed me to open to possibilities that I may have otherwise dismissed. Peggy’s genuine warmth, her heart of service, and clarity of mind come shining through her eyes and are particularly effective and moving in her voice. It would seem to be impossible to not get excited about one’s dreams and hopes with her cheering you on. She moves easily and naturally between the careful focus of archaeologist unearthing hidden treasures (in the form of unspoken yearnings) and the lightness that gets me laughing at my self-imposed limitations. 

In the time that Peggy was coaching me, I identified several goals that I was hoping to accomplish. Each of them came to form in amazing ways. The one that I had the hardest time believing could manifest easily, did just that. I found and purchased my perfect home easily within a few months of our coaching sessions.

Peggy has had a strong effect on my life and on the lives of many that I know with her strong leadership, clarity, encouragement, and the delight with which she imbues our moving forward into our highest good. Anyone who works with her is fortunate indeed, and should be prepared for wonderful life shifts."

Gina Salá, Voice facilitator, global vocalist, Seattle WA

"Four years ago I was struggling in almost every facet of my life. On top of feeling under siege at work and in my community, I was dreading the imminent empty nest syndrome. For over twenty years, my life had been driven by the parenting of my children and my work as an educator and administrator. After many years of feeling very fulfilled and happy it suddenly felt like my life was closing in around me. In an effort to gain perspective (and retain some sanity) I began life coaching sessions with Peggy Taylor.

At first I struggled with the fact that all of my questions were met with questions; that I was not being given answers but rather invited to seek answers within myself. As Peggy encouraged me to envision the life I really wanted, I felt myself gradually moving forward, gaining a new balance and putting things in perspective. As a result of coaching with Peggy, I have transformed my life in a way I could never have imagined.

My husband and I are living an adventure on the other side of the world. I am teaching in an international school and living a very exciting and fulfilling life. Without Peggy and our coaching sessions I would never have had the courage to make the first step."

School Principal, British Columbia, Canada